Check-Up Center

Medical Check-Up Center

A medical check-up is an important preventive and diagnostic tool to ensure your health is on track. These medical examinations give your doctors an opportunity to closely monitor your health status and assist you with the prevention of diseases.

The OFM hospital provides check up services to ensure that you live a longer and a healthier life!

Why Are Check-Ups Important?

• Regular check-ups can help identify health problems before they start.
• Early identification of health problems will increase your chances for successful treatment and recovery.
• Identifying risks related to your family health history will ensure that you are getting the best guidance from your doctor.
• By getting the right health services at the right time, you will increase your chances for living a longer and healthier life.

Check-Up Checklist: To-Do List Before Your Next Check- Up

Before your next check-up, make sure to do the following:

• Review your family health history. Your family history might impact your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes or cancer. Your doctor will assess your risk of diseases based on your family as well as other factors, and will give you recommendations to help prevent diseases.
• Prepare a list of questions to ask your doctor. When you are in the examination room, it can be hard to remember everything that you would like to consult with your doctor. To ensure that you get the best guidance, review any existing health issues that you are facing and prepare questions to ask your doctor.
• Prefer a vegetable-based diet 3 days prior to your check up and refrain from animal based food.
• Do not use alcohol and caffeine 24 hours prior to your check up.
• Refrain from strenuous sports or exercises 24 hours prior to your check up.
• Do not have any food 12 hours prior to your check up: Blood sugar, cholesterol tests as well as other tests require patients to not eat 12 hours prior to check up to obtain accurate results and help your doctor interpret the results of the test.
• Do not take non-vital medication prior to your check up. Some drugs, plant based treatments and antioxidants like Vitamin C impact your blood sugar and vital signs. Refrain from taking non-vital medication prior to your check up.
• Inform your doctors if a potential pregnancy is expected.
• Wear comfortable clothes and shoes if your doctor will run a cardiac stress test.
• Contact OFM Hospital Call Center for all your concerns and questions regarding your check-up.

During your check-up:

• Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your doctor.
• Feel free to take notes if your doctor gives you advice about specific health issues.