Why Health Tourism ?

You have just been told that you will need to undergo surgery. When you ask the doctor how much the surgery will cost, he remains mum and looks at you sadly. The doctor doesn’t need to say anything. You know you are going to have to pay through your nose.

You may have insurance, but if you do the math, you will realize you still have to pay quite an amount from your own pocket. What will you do? Insurance is a good idea, but as everyone knows, insurance only covers so much. You still have to pay the balance, which certainly won’t be a small amount. Sometimes even if you do have insurance, the treatment you want may not be covered in the plan. People who don’t have insurance are in an even deeper problem. Healthcare costs in the west are high and there have even been patients who have declared bankruptcy in the process of paying for their surgeries.

The answer to your problem is the global health care delivery system or health tourism. You might be wondering…

– Why should you consider going abroad to get your medical and surgical needs fulfilled?
– Why should you go to a foreign country and put your life in the hands of a doctor you’ve never met before?
– What will be the healthcare quality like?
– Why should you spend extra on air tickets and lodging when there are healthcare providers closer to home?

There are many reasons why people go to medical facilities and medical providers abroad for treatment. Some of these reasons are very compelling, and will help you make an informed decision.

  • Экономия финансов
  • Отличное качество здравоохранения
  • Не нужно ждать своей очереди
  • Уровень медицинских учреждений мирового класса
  • Использование передовых методов лечения
  • Высококвалифицированные врачи и хирурги
  • Персональное обслуживание
  • Вы можете остаться в больнице дольше
  • It is convenient
  • Tourism opportunities